The Philippines Almost Changed Name to "McKinley Islands"

mckinley islands
McKinley Islands?

In 1901, there was a proposition set forth in the United States to rename the Philippine Islands to "McKinley Islands," in honor of President William McKinley who was assassinated earlier that year. 

The proposition intends to not only change the country's name but also those of the various provinces and islands within the country. As stated in the proposition:
 The proposition... contemplates a complete change of nomenclature in the whole archipelago… This part of the scheme embraces the idea of bestowing upon the different islands and provinces the names of the men most prominently identified with the acquisition and management of the islands. For instance, the members of the American Commission which negotiated the Paris Treaty would thus be honored, as well as the names of Admiral Dewey, General Lawton, Governor Taft, General Otis, Secretary Root, and others.

The proposition also elaborates that

this proposed change would link his (William McKinley) name with the government of the country for all time and also would be a constant and conspicuous reminder to future generations throughout the world that it was in his administration that the republic expanded its beneficent influence to the Orient and there established in enduring form its institutions and systems.
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President McKinley was at the height of his power when he was assassinated by a Polish-American anarchist. He is the third U.S. president to be assassinated during those times following James A. Garfield (1881) and Abraham Lincoln (1865). In Philippine history, President McKinley is known for the U.S. policy of benevolent assimilation in 1898.

For a variety of reasons, the proposition to change the name of the Philippines Islands didn’t materialize, but if it did, then Filipinos could have been called McKinley Islanders.

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