Infographic: Chavacano

Chavacano (Chabacano) pertains to a variety of six identified Spanish-based creole languages spoken in the Philippines. The Chavacano de Zamboanga variant spoken in the Zamboanga peninsula has the highest concentration of speakers. Other varieties are found in Cavite City and Ternate, located in the Cavite province on the island of Luzon. Whilst the Castellano Abakay, and Cotabateño (believed to be in danger of extinction) are spoken in parts of central Mindanao.

Chavacano, specifically the Zamboangueño variant has been constantly evolving especially during half of the past century until the present. There has been more infusion of English and Tagalog words and from other languages worldwide in its vocabulary. There have been debates and discussions among older Chavacano speakers, new generation of Chavacano speakers, scholars and other stakeholders regarding its preservation, cultivation, standardization, and its future as a Spanish-based creole.

Chavacano is the only Spanish-based creole in Asia. 

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